25 Ways to Combat Stress

Stress Control
By Junad Alom from United Kingdom

Do yourself a favor. Practice any or all of these stress busters. They can mean the difference between good health and bad.

1. Laugh
2. Socialize
3. Get rid of Anger
4. Be Decisive
5. Be Assertive
6. Get Some Sleep
7. Adapt your Environment
8. Encourage Yourself
9. Choose Winners
10. Reward Yourself
11. Establish Rituals
12. Nurture your Spirituality
13. Take Note
14. Play Around
15. Slow Down
16. Take Holidays
17. Take up a hobby
18. Delegate
19. Be in control of your finances
20. Do not Procrastinate. Beleive in the power of NOW.
21. Live by lists
22. Eat Right
23. Exercise
24. Relax
25. Take your time


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