Bathing in oat-based solutions can help problem skin. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the anti-inflammatory compounds in porridge oats can help conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Fill a sock or stocking with porridge oats and place in water for 20 minutes while bathing.

Of all the cereals, porridge has the best proportion of protein needed for growth and repair in the body and to help boost the immune system.

Many studies have shown that eating fibre-rich food such as porridge reduces the risk of heart disease. But scientists in the U.S. found that porridge contains avenanthramides – chemicals that stop blood cells sticking to artery walls, preventing the fatty deposits that cause heart disease.

Digested foods such as porridge might cut the risk of developing non-insulin dependent diabetes by absorbing sugar from the gut and cutting the need for large quantities of insulin to be released.

The slow releasing complex carbohydrates in oats sustain energy levels, allowing full concentration to be maintained. Complex carbohydrates also stabilise and raise blood sugar levels.

Porridge is high in Vitamin B6, which promotes the brain chemical serotonin. High levels of serotonin are associated with feelings of well-being and also aid relaxation and restful sleep. Levels of serotonin dip when sunlight is limited – i.e. during winter – and can lead to the depressive condition Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Porridge oats are high in complex carbohydrates and soluble fibre, which means they release energy slowly. A bowl of porridge should provide all the energy you need until lunchtime.

Porridge is rich in soluble fibre, which has been shown to lower blood cholesterol. High cholesterol occurs when fat builds up and constricts the arteries, reducing blood flow to the heart. Eating oats can improve blood flow and bind to cholesterol in the gut, aiding its removal from the body. Scientists think the cholesterol-lowering effects of oats are due to the oat soluble fibre beta-glucan.

High-fibre foods such as porridge increase the movement of food through the digestive tract.
This increased bowel action provides a good environment for beneficial bacteria in the gut to ferment while decreasing levels of destructive bacteria.

Porridge oats are blended with milk, making an excellent source of calcium which is essential for bone health. Lack of calcium can lead to osteoporosis, which involves a loss of bone density and can make bones fragile.

Porridge oats are 100 per cent natural, with no added sugar, salt or additives, and are naturally low in calories. An average bowl of porridge made with water contains 171 calories.

Oats are rich in the antioxidant vitamin E, which protects the body from the damaging free radicals that can cause cancer. A diet high in soluble  fibre foods such as porridge oats might also help reduce the chances of developing bowel, colon and breast cancer.

Porridge is a good source of manganese, which is essential in allowing the body to produce energy as well as helping to build bones and connective tissue. It also contains zinc, which is needed for normal growth, sexual development and reproduction, and a healthy immune system.

A daily serving of oats can improve blood pressure control and reduce the need for anti-hypertensive medication, according to U.S. researchers – 73 per cent of those fed a wholegrain oat-based cereal (containing 3g of soluble fibre) stopped or reduced their blood pressure medication by half.

Britain’s longest living man, David Henderson, from Montrose, Scotland, who died in 1998 at 109, attributed his age and good health to a daily bowl of porridge. This could be because the lipids present in oats contain a good balance of essential fatty acids which have been linked to longevity and general good health.

Be Thankful


Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting.

Difficulties are opportunities to better things; they are stepping stones to greater experience.
Perhaps someday you will be thankful for some temporary failure in a particular direction. When one door closes, another always opens.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.
Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.

It isn’t what you have in your pocket that makes you thankful, but what you have in your heart.

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so, let us all be thankful.

No one who achieves success does so without the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.

People who live the most fulfilling lives are the ones who are always rejoicing at what they have.

The thankful heart will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings.

There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.

You won’t be happy with more until you’re happy with what you’ve got.

Attitude – One of Life’s Choice

Attitude – One of Life’s Choice

My wife, Tere, and I purchased a new car in December. Even though we  had tickets
to fly from California to Houston to visit her family for  Christmas,
we decided to drive to Texas to break in the new car. We  packed
the car and took off for a wonderful week with Grandma.
We  had a wonderful time and stay to the last possible minute visiting
with  Grandma. On the return trip we needed to get home in a hurry,
so we  drove straight through — one person driving while the other one slept.
After driving in a hard rain for several hours, we arrived home late at  night.
We were tired and ready for a hot shower and a soft bed. I had  the
feeling that no matter how tired we were, we should unpack the car
that night, but all Tere wanted was the hot shower and soft bed,
so we  decided to wait and unload the car in the morning.
At seven  o’clock in the morning, we got up refreshed and ready to unpack
the car. When we opened the front door, there was no car in
the driveway! Tere  and I looked at each other, looked back
at the driveway, and looked at  each other again.
Then Tere asked this wonderful question,
“Well, where  did you park the car?”
Laughing, I answered, “Right in the  driveway.” Now we knew where we
had parked the car, but we still walked  outside, hoping that maybe the
car had miraculously backed out of the  driveway and parked
itself by the curb, but it hadn’t.
Stunned, we called the police and filed a report that activated our high-tech
tracking system. To be on safe side, I also called the tracking system
company. They assured me they had a 98 percent recovery rate within
two  hours. In two hours, I called again and asked, “Where’s my car?”
“We haven’t found it yet, Mr. Harris, but we have a 94 percent rate
recovery within four hours.”
Two more hours passed. I called again and asked, “Where’s my car?”
Again they answered, “We haven’t found it yet, but we have a 90 percent
recovery rate of finding it within eight hours.”
At that point, I told them. “Your percentage rate means nothing to me when
I’m in the small percentage, so call me when you find it.”
Later  that day, a commercial aired on telephone with the automaker asking,
“Wouldn’t you like to have this car in your driveway?”
I responded, “Sure I would! I had one yesterday.”
As the day unfolded, Tere became increasingly upset as she remembered more
and more of what had been in the car — our wedding album, irreplaceable
family photos from past generations, clothes, all of our camera  equipment,
my wallet and our checkbooks, just to name a few. These were  items of little
importance to our survival, yet they seemed of major  importance at that moment.
Anxious and frustrated, Tere asked me, “How can you joke about this when all
of these things and our brand new car are missing?”
I looked at her and said, “Honey, we can have a stolen car and be all  upset, or
we can have a stolen car and be happy. Either way, we have a  stolen car.
I truly believe our attitudes and moods are choices and  right now I choose to be happy.”
Five days later our car was  returned without a trace of any of our belongings,
and with over $3,000  worth of damage to the car. I took it to the dealer for
repair and was  happy to hear they would have it back to us within a week.
At the  end of that week, I dropped off the rental and picked up our car. I was  excited
and relieved to have our own car back. Unfortunately, these  feelings were short-lived.
On the way home, I rear-ended another car  right at out freeway exit ramp.
It didn’t hurt that car I ran into, but  it sure hurt ours—another $3,000
worth of damage and another insurance  claim. I managed to drive the car
into our driveway, but when I got out  to survey the damage,
the left front tire went flat.
As I was  standing in the driveway looking at the car, kicking myself in tail
for  hitting the other car, Tere arrived home. She walked up to me, looked
at the car, and then at me. Seeing I was beating myself up, she put her
arm around me and said, “Honey, we can have a wrecked car and be all
upset, or we can have a wrecked car and be happy. Either way,
we have a  wrecked car, so let’s choose to be happy.”
I surrendered with a hearty laugh and we went on to have a wonderful evening together.
By Bob Harris

22 Things to Keep

You are what you eat -and what you don’t eat. Similarly, life depends on
what you keep and what you don’t keep. There are many things in life
that people may keep, but only a few are truly worth keeping. Here is a
list of what to keep (and how) for a brighter, happier and more
fulfilling life.

1) Keep calm. Life
can be unnerving and if you don’t make an effort to keep collected and
focused, you could easily lose your cool. Take regular, conscious deep
breaths to calm and center yourself.

2) Keep your chin up.
Not only is it good for your posture and diminishes your double chin,
it also helps you maintain an “I can handle it” attitude. By keeping
your chin up, you can keep your head above water.

3) Keep your spirits high.
Always maintain a positive and joyful attitude. Remember that no one
can perk you up like yourself. Keep your spirits high when the going
gets rough by focusing on your dreams and counting your blessings.

4) Keep your word.
The true measure of a man is if he keeps his word.
Honorable and trustworthy is the man who stands by what he says and
promises. It is important to think well before speaking because once a
word is uttered and released into the universe, its vibrations could no
longer be erased.

5) Keep in time with your inner drummer.
Don’t be swayed by others into following the confusing beat of their
drums. Although it is sometimes necessary to adjust to the pace of
others, it is best to keep in step with your personal rhythm and to
dance to your own music.

6) Keep in touch with the child in you. The
source of creativity in your life is that little child within you. He
questions, he marvels, he imagines and invents. Stay in touch with him,
and be young and creative for life!

7) Keep abreast of the times.
The world is moving so fast. Know what’s happening, what’s in style,
what’s au courant, what’s relevant, what’s important. Learn the hottest
trends and the latest in technology. Don’t be caught in a time warp or
you’ll be left behind.

8) Keep in shape.
Your shape shows your state of health. Your body is the vessel that you
journey through life in. Keep it healthy and strong. Don’t be one of
those people who say, “I’m in shape; round is a shape!”

9) Keep your mouth shut.
People talk too much. We language ourselves to our own destruction and
defeat. Know when to talk and when to shut up. Avoid being too verbose.
Oftentimes, silence speaks more eloquently than words.

10) Keep good friends.
Good friends are hard to find. Nurture friendships that make your
plight through life easier, more wonderful and meaningful. Truly poor is
the man who has no good friends.

11) Keep great memories, not heavy objects.
In the very end, good memories of life are what we will be left with,
not jewels and riches that we can’t bring when we finally go. Live each
moment beautifully. Linked together, these magical moments create
a magnificent life.

12) Keep a diary.
Writing a journal is therapeutic. Record the important events in your
life, your dreams and aspirations, even your failures and
disappointments. When you trace back events in your life, you are bound
to learn lessons from them as well as find great inspiration and

13) Keep saying grace and thanks.
Blessed is he who says grace before he eats and gives thanks for all
the gifts he receives daily. Maintain a thankful attitude and focus on
your blessings instead of disappointments.

14) Keep on moving forward.
The universe moves forward in time. Don’t get stuck in yesterday; make
an effort to move ahead to a better life. Drop those unnecessary pieces of material and emotional
baggage that weigh you down and keep you from flying to your loftiest

15) Keep out of danger.
He who exposes himself to danger finds it. Don’t court danger; avoid
it. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Look
out for number one (that’s you!), and always stay safe and sound.

16) Keep up the good work.
Success is built upon success. The more you do, the more you achieve;
the more you achieve, the better you get at doing it. Make success a
habit by keeping up the good work.

17) Keep young.
Do everything in your power to stay strong, supple and youthful.
Think young; feel young. A wise man once said “It is never too late to
be what you might have been.” Remember that age is a number and that
youth is an attitude.

18) Keep on Enjoying.
Life is a dance through space and time. Embellish whatever  life
plays for you with your own fresh orchestration and creative
choreography. Be excited in your heart and keep your feet light with

19) Keep on loving.
Love is the reason we were created. Love diminishes when hoarded but
multiplies when shared. Give it and feel it overflow in your heart. Love
cures all sadness, pain and sorrow. Lonely is he who does not give love
away and therefore gets none in return.

20) Keep on dreaming.
Most men, even if they are young, are dead – that is, if they can no
longer dream. Our dreams are what keep us young and alive; they give us
that sparkle in our eyes. Our dreams keep us going even while everything
around us says, “Stop.”

21) Keep on hoping.
Never lose hope. Tomorrow will be another day that will bring new hope
and greater blessings. Keep faith in the abundance of the universe and
the mystery and perfection of life. Hope for nothing but the best and
that’s what you will be granted.

22) Keep on believing. Belief is the mother of reality. What you believe becomes your truth. Believe in yourself, believe in the magic of the
universe, believe in the power of your
dreams. And most of all, believe you can do it, so you can have all your heart’s desires!

These You Must Not Keep

1) Don’t keep up with the Joneses.
Just because your neighbor bought a red Ferrari, you, too, must get
one. Don’t join the bandwagon and keep away from the “herd mentality.”
Too much unhappiness in this world is caused by comparisons – comparing
yourself and trying to measure up to other people. There is really no
need to live up to others’ expectations if it would just bring you
inconvenience and misery.

2) Don’t keep issues and grudges.
The reason most of us stay miserable is because we keep issues,
grudges, and problems. Detox yourself of complaints and issues that keep
you from being the best that you could be. Try to solve all problems
that beset you; never leave anything unresolved. The questions and
puzzles of life are what make it challenging and exciting.

3) Don’t keep resentments and memories of painful experiences.
Life is not a bed of roses so you must learn to let go of negative
feelings and memories of painful experiences. It’s hard to go on living
with a heavy heart. Pardon, forgive, forget

author: unknown
taken from forwarded emails

21 Indispensible Qualities of a Leader

1. Character: Be a Piece of the Rock.

2. Charisma: The First Impression Can Seal the Deal.

3. Commitment: It Separates Doers from Dreamers.

4. Communication: Without It You Travel Alone.

5. Competence: If You Build It, They Will Come.

6. Courage: One Person with Courage is a Majority.

7. Discernment: Put an end to Unsolved Mysteries.

8. Focus: The Sharper It Is, the Sharper You Are.

9. Generosity: Your Candle Loses Nothing When It Lights Another.

10. Initiative: You Won’t Leave Home Without It.

11. Listening: To Connect with Their Hearts, Use Your Ears

12. Passion: Take This Life and Love It

13. Positive Attitude: If You Believe You Can, You Can

14. Problem Solving: You Can’t Let Your Problems Be a Problem

15. Relationships: If You Get Along, They’ve Go Along

16. Responsibility: If You Won’t Carry the Ball, You Can’t Lead the Team

17. Security: Competence Never Compensates for Insecurity

18. Self-Discipline: The First Person You Lead is You

19. Servant hood: To Get Ahead, Put Others First

20. Teachability: To Keep Leading, Keep Learning

21. Vision: You Can Seize Only What You Can See