How to Stop Computer Radiation

Do you constantly use the computer, whether it be for work, entertainment, or to manage finances? The truth is, computers give off harmful radiation that is bad for your health. Computers, along with any other electronic gadgets, emit certain electromagnetic rays and frequencies. It’s similar to secondhand smoking. You end up absorbing all of the harmful computer radiation! Learn how you can prevent computer radiation! Have a question? Get an answer from Online Tech

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The first step in preventing and reducing computer radiation is to have a high intake in food rich in Vitamin A and C. These includes foods such as apples, tomatoes, carrots, and cherries. These vitamins can help reduce the harmful effects of computer radiation.


It is known that computer screens emit certain types of carcinogenic substances that is extremely harmful to your health. A way to reduce these is by putting your computer near a ventilated cooler.


Since computer radiation is emitted in all directions, computer placement is very important to reducing radiation. Make sure that the back of your computer screen is overlooking an area where people pass by. The second strongest radiation is behind your computer screen. You should have an ideal eye distance of about 80cm away from the screen to reduce computer radiation.


If you can, purchase a new model computer. Most older modeled computers tend to release more radiation than the new ones. Old computers can release up to twice the amount of radiation compared to that of a new modeled and developed computer.


One easy measure to reduce and prevent harmful computer radiation is by attaching a radiation filter plate in front of your computer screen. Make sure you do not have any metal substances near your computer, as these can reflect off electromagnetic radiation that can be harmful to your health.


Since computer radiation can also affect and harm your skin, you can apply a layer of facial mask to prevent yourself from the rays. Once done using a computer, make sure to thoroughly wash your wash to brush off any electromagnetic particles that might have attached to the outer surface of your face and skin.


Lastly, you can put some radiation absorbing plants near your computer to prevent computer radiation. For example, putting several potted cactus can help absorb some of the harmful radiation.

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