Failures and The Lessons They Contain

According to the great writer, Ralph Waldo Emerson, ” Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.” A man’s life is destined to be complicated. It will never be simple, so that we all have to accept what is pre-destined to happen.
Yes, failures are mere obstacles in a person’s life. We should realize and accept that experiencing failures and pain is not the end of the road, but the beginning of more challenges to come.
I have failed a lot of times. One way or another, we all failed, even if out of pride or fear we never accept failures. We often times cry and laugh at our failures, but somehow, we managed to surface once again. There are times that our hearts seemed so full of pain that breathing is an effort to do. Sometimes, we even wish to end everything just to escape the further damage that failure can do to us.
Yes, man is born to experience failures, so that he may be able to thank and enjoy the blessings of success in his life to the fullest. If a man will never be able to experience pain, then how can he understand and appreciate happiness? How can he distinguish anguish from happiness, or victory from defeat, love from hate, if he doesn’t experience the opposite feelings?
Indeed, the Divine Maker is brilliant. A human being from the time he was born, he is made to understand that life is full of pains and failures. Have you ever thought why babies cry the moment they were born? Why doesn’t a baby laugh then when he comes out to meet this world? Simply putting it, he is making a mark that he should be used to failures and pains in life.
Then comes the moment when he struggles for his first few steps. He stumbles, falls down and again he cries. Why? It is because his Maker made him realize that he has to exert all efforts in order to be strong and finally walk without support. For how can a man enjoy his ability to travel, if he was not given the experience of falling down when he started walking as a toddler?
A human life is full of mysteries. Oftentimes, we question our Creator for giving us problems, failures which we sometimes too painful to bear.  But God doesn’t give us a load that we cannot carry. It is his test in order to make us strong souls.
A man’s failure is part of his success. If a plan doesn’t work out, then revise it, never be afraid to try, because only in trying again can you regain your self-esteem in order to tackle more difficult obstacles in life.
Many individuals wasted themselves after they experienced failure. I have seen a lot of my friends who seek comfort in alcohol or drugs after they failed in one part of their lives. Worst, I have seen others commit suicide or even killed someone because of this strong pain they have inside when they failed. This is a something, which cannot be totally understood by anyone, unless he or she is in his or her own shoes.
Today, we see a lot of people who are so strongly driven in their goals to succeed in their ambitions. Many young people today become so strongly driven, so that when they experience failure, it becomes a major disaster, which is enough to destroy their whole being.
Thus, we need to explain it to them that life is really a multi-faceted game. Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win. Failures in life are just mere spices, which increase the flavor of our lives. Life could be simply boring if there are no failures and all we have to do is be happy.
I have seen a movie, which pictures a perfect world. No tears, all smiles. Nobody commits a mistake. No room for errors. It was a boring movie. But, it was chance to understand the gift of life. It made me realized that without the trials that I have experienced, I wouldn’t be a strong person as I am today. Without the pains and the tears I cried, I wouldn’t be able to share the sensitivity of an individual in me.
Definitely, life should be lived fully. Enjoy it as it comes, Never mind the tears, it will pass. Just think that behind those clouds, there lies the golden sun.


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