The Cute Girl and The Toffee


Mr. Ahmed, was with his family driving towards home. While he was at a distance of 8-10 km from home, he thought of buying grocery so he took the family to the this market. Later, when the familyreached home, the little 4 years old daughter said, “Look Baba, what I got from market?” Ahmed noticed that she had a toffee in her hand which she picked from the shop during the shopping and he didn’t pay for it being unaware of this act.

Mr. Ahmed advised her with love and softness about this situation, took her to the car and drove all the way to the market again so that she can say sorry to the shop owner and he can pay the money 50 fils / 0.15 USD. On the way to the market he repeatedly told her daughter that her Baba is driving to the market again because they didn’t pay the money for the toffee they took. When the girl said sorry in her cute voice, the shop owner was highly delighted with such a matter of honesty. The little girl learnt a big lesson of her life about honesty and also refreshed the same for the shop owner.

On the way back home, both, the little girl and Mr. Ahmed were very satisfied. The little girl thought that she is the best girl in town and Mr. Ahmed thought that he had a clean conscience which is the best pillow one can have.


Reflection: 1-Sometimes teaching with practical examples makes a big difference and the kids can learn lifelong lessons.

2-Honesty, even for small matters, should always be promoted in the society because it generates strong ripple effects.

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