Attitude is important than Aptitude.

Your attitude is the one basic characteristic which makes you different.


People experience different attitudes within themselves or others.


Attitude is the thing which gives the first impression about your personlaity.


Our impacts on other people’s minds and thinkings is precisely the conclusion derived from our attitude and apperance.


People who get caught up in disasters often survive because of an attitude of faith, hope or optimism while people right beside them perish because of an attitude of hopelessness or negativity.


One dictionary defines aptitude as “natural tendency or talent; ability.” 


The same dictionary defines attitude as “a way of thinking, acting, or feeling.”  


It interpret this to mean that aptitude enables a person to  perform a task while attitude  determines how well the person performs that task.It’s like the philosophy of


“I don’t care what the answer is, I want to know how you got to the answer”.