Life is an endless walk.

Life is an endless walk. Limitless expanses
of land stretch out before me, waiting for the footprints I place on this earth
to prove that I am here.

Sometimes I must walk alone, and I will make my
own marks. Sometimes I will follow the marks of others who have walked before
me. I will walk in another’s footsteps if I am lacking confidence, courage or
strength and am unsure of my way. Even when I walk by myself, I am never truly
alone. Another will always have been where I am at this very moment. Another may
be now where I want to be. Sometimes I will follow and sometimes I will

But life is meant to be traveled together, so if you’re going my
way, grasp my hand and join me. If you want to go in my direction, follow me and
I will take you with me where I am going. For if I tire, you give me strength to
go on. If I hesitate, you give me a gentle push. If I stumble, you will hold me
up. If I fall, you will pull me to my feet again.

I will happily show you
my way. I am happy to allow you to show me yours. It matters not how we get
there or when we get there. But let us inspire one another to move, for it only
matters that we keep on walking. It is a long road ahead, but I have a lifetime
to walk it. Together. Forward. Onward. Upward. Always.

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